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A Resource-Based Economy, commonly abbreviated as RBE or EBR (for its acronym in Spanish, Economía Basada en Recursos) is proposal and system for creation of abundance that uses the scientific method applied to the social needs and interests. Specifically, it is a global resources management system, which uses the principles of the general systems theory, where goods and services are available in the the form of a common patrimony for all the people in the world, without the need of any money, credit, barter or any other system of exchange or servitude. Also, it proposes to focus on the use of advanced automation and the most recent discoveries, to perform the monotonous, repetitive, boring and dangerous jobs, with intelligent and autonomous distribution, production and recycling systems, so that no human being is at risk or performing meaningless activities.

The main premise of this concept and system proposal, is based on the fact that the Earth has finite resources, but enough to meet the vital needs of all its inhabitants, if those are managed in a logical and efficient way, without using or depending on the monetary or market systems.

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