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~RESTRAINING HOLLYWOOD was Located in Minneapolis/St.Paul, Minnesota but as of 2015 has re-located to L.A. If you're Sick of the Same old Sappy, Crappy, Big-Budget, Cliche Hollywood Films Then Look No Further! It all started in the fall of 03'...A simple idea made up by Braden Palmer & Brandon Van Vliet to make Indie Films & Music Videos....

RESTRAINING HOLLYWOOD has made Seven Feature Films & Dozens of Music Videos since 04'. The 1st film is a Campy-Grindhouse, Horror-Comedy called "Up North" & that was released Halloween Night 04'. The 2nd film is a Dark-Comedy, Drama called "People Talk" Released Aug 25th 06'. 3rd - "TrusT Me" a Dark-Comedy, Dramatic Thriller Released in June on Friday the 13th 08'!

in Jan 09' we shot shot a Suspenseful, Dramatic-Thriller feature film called "Hunting Buddies." We did a Music Video for Alternative Rock group Detuned Kytes. We shot a couple episodes of our Dark Comedy, Rock n' Roll Web Series "One Nights Stand." We also had the honor to work on a Action-Packed, Drama Short Film called "The Final Weapon" with a Cameo from Rock legend Lou Reed. Then Thur Nov.12th "Hunting Buddies" had it's World Premiere @ the Riverview Theater in Mpls. with over 475 people in attendance! "Hunting Buddies" was eventually picked up for Worldwide Distribution by FilmWorks Entertainment.

2010 was Nuts! We kicked things off by Shooting the Experimental, Comedic-Horror Film "Potpourri" with Diviney Pictures! I was Lucky enough to Act in a bunch of short Films like "Night Surf" , "Gentlemen's Agreement" , "Shadow Lords" , "Stitches" & "the Missing Frame". We finished shooting more episodes for the 1st season of our web series "One Night Stand". We did a couple more Music Videos for Detuned Kytes for songs off the album "The Brightest" & of course we shot our Gritty, Crime-Drama, Action film "In Harm's Way"

2011 was an Extremely Productive & Fun year! We worked on Short Films "Dope Sick" & "Bloodshed Love" - Shot music videos for Detuned Kytes, Blue Felix & Landyn Banx. In October we Premiered our Experimental, comedic, Zombie Film "Potpourri" at the Riverview Theater with over 530 people in attendance & then in November we Premiered our Action-Packed, gritty Crime-Drama "In Harm's Way" to an overwhelming 650 people in attendance!

2012 was another spectacular year! Kicked things off by working on Tyrel Ventura's Feature Film "Blue Bird." Did a Music Video for Detuned Kytes. Shot a Action-Packed, Political, Comedy called "Problem Solving the Republic" with Diviney Pictures. Helped with short Film "ChessDogs." Our Gritty, Crime-Drama Feature Film "In Harm's Way" was picked up for International Distribution from Maverick Entertainment. Acted in short Film "Sometimes Never." Did a Music Video for Brazilian Pop Artist Rani Ramahi. Acted in short Film "the First Date." Shot a Second Season of our Dark Comedy, Rock n' Roll Web Series "One Night Stand." Helped Produce short Film "Panhandler." Then "Problem Solving the Republic" had it's World Premiere at the prestigious Twin Cities Film Fest to a sold out crowd!

2013 was a Busy & Fun Year! Acted in a Short Horror Film called "Christmas Spirit" , in a Sci-Fi/Horror-Comedy Feature Film called "Insectula!" & in a Supernatural, Dramatic/Thriller Short Film called "Go Home" - Locked a Distribution deal for "Potpourri" through Screen Media Films & working on getting one for "Problem Solving the Republic" - Working on a Feature Length script with Tyrel Ventura & a couple more Feature Length Scripts with Elliot Diviney & John Karsko - Going to L.A. in late April/early May to Act in a Horror/Thriller Feature Film from Scream-Queen Jessica Cameron called "Truth or Dare" , be on Tyrel Ventura & Sean Stone's new show "Buzzsaw" & Act in Jahnna Randall's Quirky, Comedy, Web-Series "2 Fur 1" - Back to MN for a few weeks to Move then Back to L.A. to act in a Dramatic Biopic Film by Director Vaughn Juares about Charles Manson called "Bigger Than the Beatles" -- Back to MN again to Premiere the Second Season of our Action Packed, Dark Comedy, Rock n' Roll Web Series "One Night Stand". We're having a screening of all 6 of the Episodes Thursday June 27th at the St. Anthony Maine Theatre in Mpls. -- Helping Produce a Gritty/Thriller, Short Film called "Machination" - 3 Films i Acted in this past year, "Truth or Dare" , "The First Date" & "Go Home" are Screening at the Prestigious Twin Cities Film Fest in late Oct. Acting in a Dramatic/Thriller, Short Film called "Saving the End" , an Action/Thriller, Short Film called "The Yanam Parable" a Comedy, Short Film called "Cody & Dean" & a Crime/Thriller, Short Film called "Other"

2014 : Not too much to report other than in March i Won Awards for BEST VILLAIN & BEST ONSCREEN KISS for the short Film "Other" at the 2014 Z-Fest Film Festival. in Sept. Acted in Comedy/Action Short Film "Bad Cop, Bad Cop" - in Nov. Acted in Dramatic/Crime/Thriller, Biopic, Feature Film "Hammered" & Acted in Romantic, Dark Comedy Film "Squirrel" - Our older Film "In Harm's Way" got picked up for Foreign Distribution through LeoMark Studios & our Film "Problem Solving the Republic" got picked up for International Distribution through LeoMark Studios as well. I'm Slowly but surely getting ready to make the Move to L.A. like i should've done last year...

2015 : Finally made it to L.A. Had a Busy & Educational year Woking on Many different Projects. Acted in Films "Pale Horse" "Sully" "The Circle" "Conner4Real" "Syndicate Smasher" "Middle Man" & "Revival!" - Acted in TV Shows & Network Series such as "WestWorld" "Love" "Kingdom" "American Crime Story" "Cooper Barret's Guid to Survival" "Heartbreaker" "Colony" "Brooklyn 99" "Baskets" "Wicked City" "Lady Dynamite" "Grey's Anatomy" "Snowfall" "Criminal Minds" & "Veep" - Acted in Music Videos from The Weeknd, Calvin Harris, Maroon 5 & Hopsin. I even helped Direct, Produce & appeared in a couple different sizzel reels for possible Reality TV shows. Took an Acting Class & Attended a couple different Filmmaking Workshops as well.

2016 : as of now New Scripts are being Written & Future Projects are in the works for Year! Standby for News & Updates...

For more info on RESTRAINING HOLLYWOOD go to our website @ or Facebook @ or Follow us on Twitter @ , Instagram @ , YouTube @ & Tumblr @
Keep checking in with us for further updates!


*Brandon Van Vliet

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