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Retina is an ambitious contemporary dance company artistically led by Filip Van Huffel, producing dance performances of differing scales; from theatre performances to large-scale site-specific events, multi-media projects and a wide range of accessibility and educational projects.

Working from Antwerp Belgium, Filip Van Huffel has established a particular working methodology that emphasises his investigation of pure movement that affects the viewer theatrically through a physically vibrant movement quality that is uniquely Retina.

Collaborations with a movement analyst, composers, musicians, visual artists, film directors, lighting, set and costume designers shape the work in a particular framework that is stark in its setting with an edge of beauty and humanity.

The unique dual nationality of the company has resulted in extensive support and influence from both Belgium and England and has resulted in an approach and look that is truly European.

Filip works closely with producer/movement analyst Natalie Gordon, who is a trained Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst. Natalie's work with Retina incorporates training for the dancers as well as an analytical eye on the choreography. Laban/Bartenieff training aids dancers functionality, efficiency and expressivity and encourages a full range of dynamics.

Filip's adoption of Laban/Bartenieff principles within his work adds depth, clarity and theatricality to his productions

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