Eric Xu

Beijing, China (2008-2011)

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I'm a American-Chinese indie filmmaker, photographer, graphic designer, and web designer from California. I first began to take an interest in the creative arts back in 2008 when I discovered filmmaking. Though at the time it didn't lead to much, when I got my first DSLR in 2010 and began shooting photographs, I identified myself with art and began my pursuit of stunning visuals in film, photography, and design. Since then my interest in music has also been re-sparked, particularly in singing.

I currently lead the production team REX Productions, a group of aspiring young filmmakers, in Cupertino, CA. The team was moved here from Beijing, where we made our first film and music video (which unfortunately was not finished in time). We are currently in the process of reorganizing and hope to be making films again soon!

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