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Reel Grrls is a non-profit program that empowers girls to critique media images and to create their own films!

This account is a place to watch media created by participants of our short-running (one day to one week) workshop programs. To watch the award-winning films produced in our signature longer-running afterschool programs, plus additional videos about and by Reel Grrls, please visit

Piloted in 2001, Reel Grrls is a unique media & technology training program that empowers grrls to critique media images and to gain media technology skills in a safe, open environment, mentored by a network of women media professionals. Each year, over 250 participants go through our program and graduate with valuable skills in video and audio production. We believe that it is important to give young women the skills to critically evaluate the media they are exposed to and then to empower them to produce their own media. As media plays such an influential role in our global society, we believe that if women and girls are to achieve equality and advancement in today's world they must be taught to be media literate.

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