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Carrollton, Texas

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Restoring Hope Fellowship (RHF) is simply a Christian community in the North Dallas/Denton area of Texas that strives to be a church after God's own heart. Our mission is "to connect the Gospel to practices that can help transform someone's life." Simply put, we believe that the Gospel is active hope. It calls people to an assurance that Christ cares and will return, and it also calls humans to pursue certain ends and labor with each other to improve the lives of others as well as one's own life. In all we do we aspire to glorify God as we strive to make each individual life a little more abundant. Our efforts range from cultivating a stronger prayer life to having more leisure and relaxation time to developing stronger romantic relationships to transforming our physical bodies in order to become healthier. The Gospel touches every area of our lives, so as our walk with Christ grows we should see improvements in every area of our lives.

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