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The End of All Rhymes

Rhymageddon is the voice shaking up the entire Hip-Hop world one listerner at a time. Fans from the Netherlands to
Japan right back to his home state of New Jersey are largely to thank for his 65,000 plus song listens and downloads via Rhymageddon.wordpress.com DJs are beggining to recognize Rhyamgeddon's use incisive lyrics to penetrate the minds of true Hip-Hop fans everywhere. For example "REAL RAP" he said "I'm from a land where they lynched men just for whistling" and the 2nd verse where he rhymes from the perspective of a mourner at hip-hop's funeral; while sitting next to DJ Kool Herc at that!! Judging by the comments left on iTunes, it could be Rhymageddon's matter of fact honestly as heard on "All My Friends" (recently cracked 5000 views) that proves his humbleness and team player approach to creating change with his music. On "Illest Bars" he proves beyond the shadow of a doubt he's grown tired of rappers who only rhyme about the materialistic world. Bottom line is Rhymageddon's approach to emceeing makes both trap rappers and conscious rappers equally nervous of their skill set.

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