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The Rhythm is the heart of mystery. Rhythm is movement, current, change, renovation and repetition. Our experience of time bases itself on Rhythm. Nothing exists without oscillation, without movement. Everything vibrates, everything "speaks" a universe of Rhythms. The Rhythm Monks are Masters of Trance, searching to understand the fundamental essence of the Drum.

They are technicians of ecstacy. Modern Shamans. Mystics. The Drum serves them and their audience as a vehicle to another state of consciousness. This goal is to achieve an extended consciousness within themselves and their audience. At the same time, they are part of modern society and from Berlin's art scene. The Rhythm Monks are not interested in complacent celebration of the ego or debilitating Pop-Star surliness. They wear masks and see themselves as a Unity.

In the Trance and Electro scene, the Monks see a connection between the archaic rituals of Rhythm and Dance. Crossing to the spiritual side of the Drum is the greatest adventure for the Rhythm Monks. The worldwide connection between Rhythm and Ritual exists as powerfully in the present as it has in the past. The Rhythm Monks study the Power of Rhythm, which has a great influence on the spirit and body of the human being. The goal of the Rhythm Monks is to discover the True Self and develop the hidden capacities within this medium. On the path towards substantial evolution, the playing of mystical rhythms is one of the basic methods to develop your substance within. Explore what the Drum does do to you, explore the Rhythm.

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