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  1. Light & Mapping

    by Manuel Creignou joined

    2,216 Videos / 1,240 Members

    This is a group about projection mapping, L.E.D and lighting system.

  2. videoart

    by nagash joined

    68.2K Videos / 20.7K Members

    art for the moving canvas

  3. New York

    by Lauren Farmer joined

    5,468 Videos / 2,500 Members

    For anyone able to capture what it is we love about this great city.

  4. Media Art

    by chokky joined

    19 Videos / 4 Members

  5. Fényfestés

    by Szabó Gergely Zoltán joined

    11 Videos / 3 Members

  6. Projection Mapping

    by Joseph Gray joined

    3,410 Videos / 1,881 Members

    The more recent art of using projected generative imagery to augment the surfaces of real world volumetric forms.

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