Riaan Hendricks

South Africa

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His first documentary film "A Fisherman's Tale" was described as a "sterling directorial debut"
and won a Jury Special Mention for Documentary at the Apollo International Film Festival.
A Fisherman's Tale (2004) "...reminds me of the art of Picasso and Diego Riviera, who had
used their art to animate the condition of the working people and their dignity"
- Professor Ben Turok,
Independent Newspapers.

The Directors most recent film “The Devils Lair”, is enjoying a lot of attention on the international
world film festival circuit and garnered 7 awards in the process. The film was picked up by Fox
International for worldwide distribution.

Having produced, directed and edited more than 20 films. His work is celebrated for constantly
pushing the boundaries of the documentary genre. Drawn to observational cinema, his themes
pendulums between being personal and very political. The constant struggle of engaging audiences
with the "subjective reality" of his characters are expressed in the rich tapestry of moments
engrosses his work.

Country: South Africa
Email: riaandh@hotmail.com


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