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  1. 34:09

    World Vasectomy Day 2013

    by RiAus

    10 Videos

    Men all over the world, whose families are complete, dedicated their vasectomy to Planet Earth in a world-first vasectomy-athon. Would you put your balls on the line? RiAus teamed up with film-makers…

  2. 24:51

    2013 RiAus Science Inspiration- Prof Ian Frazer

    by RiAus

    4 Videos

    On Wednesday 18 September 2013, Prof Ian Frazer delivered the 2013 RiAus Science Inspiration. He’s been described as the man who saved a million lives; Ian is not only a celebrated Australian…

  3. 04:09:13

    Science Behind the Headlines

    by RiAus

    14 Videos

    What's hot in the headlines? RiAus chooses current scientific issues and discusses how it is translated through the media. Panels include scientists and media experts. Discover the science behind…

  4. 32:42

    RiAus Summer 2013

    by RiAus

    2 Videos

  5. 01:39:36

    A Week in Science with Paul Willis

    by RiAus

    97 Videos

    A Week in Science is the science news feed from RiAus. We’re bringing you the science news you need to know, all week every week. You can follow A Week in Science throughout the week on Twitter,…

  6. 07:24

    RiAus Winter 2012

    by RiAus

    3 Videos

  7. 07:21:36

    RiAus Autumn 2012

    by RiAus

    26 Videos

  8. 05:22:05

    RiAus Summer 2012

    by RiAus

    11 Videos

  9. 12:47

    RiAus Scinamations

    by RiAus

    9 Videos

    RiAus Scinamations are short animated videos presenting a complex scientific topics in plain and easily understandable way. Scinamation scripts are produced in conjunction with Australian researchers…

  10. 00:00

    RiAus Winter 2011

    by RiAus

    8 Videos

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