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Stefano Ricci + Gianni Forte founded the ricci/forte performing arts ensemble in 2006. Their dramaturgy perfectly balances the social and psychoanalytic criticism, lyricism and the humoristic side of our society. They have the great capacity of re_inventing language codes in an original way; they absorb and use styles and visions belonging to the postmodern and sanctioned contemporary life; they blend them all together into a centrifuge where the tensions of Myth and classical repertoire run constantly under the skin. Their universe is full of amazing images, of perfect and meticulous theatrical architectures, moving and impudent, provocative and terrific that rapidly have captured a passionate enthusiastic audience even beyond the Italian borders.

Victims, executioners and protagonists of this snuff movie that life offers are we ourselves, in desperate search of love in an impossible world: because, in the end, Nature too, like men, is a bitch. And unfaithful. Always.


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