Richard Arroyo

Pasadena, California

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Richard, most people call him Ric, is the type of guy that when you meet him, you don't forget him. Ric is so passionate about his work that it transpires in his attitude. Being very animated himself, he's the guy that will do handstands, show up at your desk dancing and do pretty much anything to get his team motivated. Since he can remember, Ric has been obsessed with cartoons, games, SyFy and Kung Fu movies. He started his animation career more then ten years ago after he graduated from Montreal's Interdec College in 2000 with a degree in Computer Animation for Television and Film. Ric has worked anywhere from television to award winning cinematic. He's been part of multiple projects with the responsability of taking on some fierce deadlines. He has worked on titles such as Splinter Cell, Prince of Persia, Aliens and Thor. It has been four years since Ric has left Montreal where he was working at Ubisoft to now enjoying sunny California.

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