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Braintree, Ma.

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I am the founder, President and CEO of RTBM PRODUCTIONS LLC, a full service photography and Video Production house , we service wedding photography, family, individual, children, pets, senior high school and college graduate portraits as well as video for any occasions possible. Your pictures are printed on highly professional metallic prints for beautiful color detail, and durability, providing wow effect to your pictures. We shoot, edit and produce your video using very sophisticated high definition video equipments in the business today, providing you with exceptional video quality in HD1080p for your enjoyment. We deliver your video using your choice of DVD, Blu-Ray DVD, or H.264 codec for online viewing of your video.

We do not believe that you have to spend fortune to get the lasting memory of your most important event.
So let RTBM PRODUCTION LLC, produce your events.

For a sample of our photographic materials, please email us your request at RTBMPRODUCTIONS@GMAIL.COM


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  1. Hi there, I am having issue uploading my video, I have followed the instructions regarding uploading from Final Cut Pro 7 timeline, and still not able to, could you see my account to see if there is something that is preventing me from uploading…
  2. Great information Rich, could you please break it down for me, this is what I have: Lavalier mic, zoom h4n, how would I connect my lavalier mic to zoom h4n for good quality sound. Thanks Richard