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Freelance animator & Director based in Lincolnshire.

I currently work freelance. Previous and on going work from, flocabulary, ECP, 151 Films and Laserred. Also previously had a role at Axis Animation when I lived in Glasgow. I constructed this demo reel to highlight my animated work. I'm looking to progress more in compositing as I would like to direct mix media video. I'm currently looking for projects in which I can use my shooting style along with my illustrated variety of animation for effect. I have some working prototypes for elements that would look nice against highly saturated live action. Hope you enjoy.


  1. TellyJuice
  2. MikeandClaire
  3. Clear Blue Creative
  4. Dent de Cuir
  5. Jonathan Icher
  6. Puls Pot
  7. abandon building
  8. Guillaume LEFEVRE / CHATTON
  9. Contra
  10. Becky & Joe
  11. joseph Pelling
  12. Picasso Pictures
  13. dils
  14. 12foot6
  15. Engine Creative
  16. Flock Associates Ltd
  17. Hasraf HaZ Dulull
  18. Stephane coedel

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  1. Wonderful work, well done mill peeps :)