Richard William Lord

Sarasota, Fla.

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Richard William Lord is an American actor with international film experience..Cast in a wide variety of roles in feature length, independent and short films, as well as numerous T.V. commercials in the United States, Asia and the Pacific Rim countries...

His 26 year film and entertainment career began in 1984 on the set of the T.V. show, "Miami Vice" and has taken him around the world where his most recent feature performance was captured on the set of Roy Alfred's "Glory Days", filmed in Pattaya, Thailand.. Being known as a durable performer with an excellent work ethic, long hours and adverse environmental conditions are of no consequence to this seasoned actor..

His talents have been seen in various live action stunt shows around the world, as well.. Most notably, Disney / MGM Studio's "Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular" (Orlando, Florida), Safari World's "007 James Bond Stunt Show" (Bangkok, Thailand) and 6 Flags Fiesta Texas "Lonestar Gunfighters" (San Antonio, Texas)..

Richard has studied acting with renown director / producer / acting instructor Kaprice Kea and L.A. Casting director, Ivy Iverson to name but a few..

Between shoots, Richard enjoys surfing around the world, snorkeling, playing guitar, photography, exercising, reading and keeping journals of his life's experiences..

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