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My name is Richard Lutz and I’m an Art Director from East Wenatchee, WA.

Before I was an Art Director, I was a Filmmaker.

For a very long time now, I’ve been enamored with using a camera to tell stories. I’ve found that something magical happens when light passes through a lens and creates a moment that will never happen again. The combination of light, motion, sound and music can create a piece of work that can move us in unexpected and unanticipated ways.

My love for telling stories visually drove me to the VCU Brandcenter, where I’ve been studying Advertising and Art Direction. For the past two years I’ve been studying Art Direction to extend my skills in creating powerful, integrated campaigns and moving messages.

Though many hate it, I believe that advertising is powerful and can bring about great change in the world. It can engage, entertain, and evoke the imagination.

If I can help you, know that you’re not hiring an ad guy. You’re hiring a storyteller that is willing to use a host of visual mediums to bring a concept or story to life.

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