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Richard Widgery is a Virtual Production Supervisor and Technology Director / Developer with a wide range of experience in the real time visualisation, entertainment, medical, industrial and military research industries. Founder of independent consultancy business. Proven industry skills in developing world-class motion capture facilities, and innovative technologies.

Developer of Take4D ( virtual studio and motion control previsualisation products. Camera tracking and previz supervisor. Integration of motion control and motion capture into real time on-set feature film / tv visualisation tools.

Motion Capture Supervisor from script level through to final production.

Technology supervision including Camera Tracking, Motion Capture, Motion Control, Key-Frame, and Waldo.

Motion Capture studio design and production management.

Captures, markets and sells Motion Capture Data (especially animals incuding Horse [], Deer, Monkey, Dog...)

Specialties:VFX Supervision, Camera Tracking, Previsualisation, On-Set Real Time Visualisation, Motion Control, Motion Capture, Character Animation, Project Management, Performance Capture, Studio & Systems Design

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