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To elevate the financial well-being of humanity.

The Rich Dad mission is one of education and empowerment.

Knowledge is, indeed, power and Rich Dad is committed to improving the awareness of and opportunities for improved financial literacy for adults and children around the world.

Unleashing the human spirit

Rich Dad believes in the potential of the human spirit – and is dedicated to unleashing it! It is only through awareness, education, and action that people everywhere can take control of their lives and make the choices that will enable them to become financially free.

Message of courage

The mission of Rich Dad is one of courage – courage to question and challenge the status quo and to refuse to accept "traditional" thinking and answers as fact.

Rich Dad's messages are for the masses – for every bit of knowledge that will enhance our financial literacy can impact our lives – but the life-long Journey to true financial freedom is only chosen by a few. It is offered to everyone, everyone with the courage to believe that it is achievable, but not everyone will make the commitment and take the action that results in true change.

If nothing changes... nothing changes

And change is what it will take. Changes in long-held beliefs of what it takes to be 'successful' in business and in life and changes in how we evaluate the 'advice' of those we've been conditioned to 'trust.' Changes in how we think, in how we choose, in how we evaluate opportunities. We all know the grains of truth in the old adage: 'If nothing changes, nothing changes.'

Life-changing rewards

If this seems uncomfortable... well... it may be. Change is seldom easy. But the rewards are life-changing.

Your Rich Dad Journey...

You'll be among friends on your journey with Rich Dad, kindred spirits who share your passion for knowledge and your goals for the future. The Rich Dad community is a diverse and empowered global network of families and individuals committed to a better life.

At the very least, the heightened financial literacy advocated in the Rich Dad messages can help individuals make better choices in how they earn and spend money; At its best it will elevate individuals to levels of financial independence that they had only imagined.

The Spirit of Rich Dad...

Generosity is key to the Rich Dad philosophy: we get rich by being generous. Believing that we can become free from financial fears and worries awakens us to the roles all of us can play in supporting organizations and programs within our communities whose work betters our world.

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