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DJ, Producer, Collector, Listener, Writer, Teacher

I've been DJ'ing as resident DJ @ Scratch for the last 14 years.

At Scratch we've had everyone from Eminem to Macy Gray to Public Enemy to BEP's to Roots Manuva performing there.

It was through Scratch that I got to work with the Sevenheads Label in NYC on my 'Live at Home' EP with J-Live, Asheru, El Da Sensei, Apani B and Mr Complex.

Since then I've been making quite a bit of Library Music because it pays the bills (you might of heard my stuff on anything from Oprah Winfrey to Mona the Vampire!) I've also been remixing for labels like Freestyle and teaching other people how to make beats.

Last year I was asked by Cengage learning based in LA (USA) to write a book on beat making which I'm writing at the moment.

I've also just come back from living in Ghana for 2 years and I've recorded a very nice LP of 15 -20 songs with loads of talented people from Accra and it will be out on BBE Records August 31st 2010!!

Hoo- flippin-ray !!

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