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Contributor to maleenhancementpr.com for almost a year now. I've become interested in male sexual health related topic as I was one of the million men who suffered from ED due to stress and bad health habits such as heavy cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption. Sure, if both are in moderation, it might not inflict health substantially...negatively.

However, I choose and decide once and for all to quit smoking and just maintain a few session of moderate alcohol consumption..typically, a few times a year.

Having a deteriorated health and specifically sexual health, loss of sex drive and erections is not easy situation to tackle. Of course, medical help was very helpful. In addition, I took responsibility and started shifting towards a healthy way of life. And, one amazing thing that had helped me stay motivated is penile enhancement. Penile enhancement is not just all about increasing size, but learning how to take care of sexual health.

The good news, sexual health is hugely dependent in one's overall health. Therefore, to achieve a better sexual health, one needs to take care of his overall health in the first place.

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