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British Columbia, Canada

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I'm a life-long environmental educator and communicator. My entry into this field began on long walks with my Grandfather through the woods bordering a Canadian national park. Upon arriving home, I would be eager to share what I had learned about the natural world with anybody who would listen. Over the span of my career, I have delved more and more deeply into the world of media as a means to greatly extend my reach and impact.

In 2001, I launched a video-over-the-internet channel called EkosTV to deliver news-like environmental stories. More recently, I have begun to experiment with non-fiction transmedia storytelling within formal and informal learning environments.

The videos I'm sharing cover the entire spectrum of my productions to-date, from earliest beginnings when file sizes had to be very small because a lot of folks were still using dial-up to more recent pieces shot in HD and with substantially larger file sizes. Hope you enjoy my work.

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