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Who is this guy?

A ’91 born tirolean cinematographer, former graduate of the “Tourismusschulen am Wilden Kaiser” and currently student at the “University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg”.
Yep, Rick made it from a Chef to a Mediacomposer. A quite, let’s call it interesting, change in the game, but probably the best decision he made so far.
After his BSc in Mediatechnology & Design he’s striving for a Master’s degree in the Media industry.

What is he good at?

From start to finish, he was settled in the world of these nifty 24 frames.
Video, Film, VFX all those subjects are likely to be on his schedule. Through a couple of shortfilm projects, he advanced his skills on forming the world after his imagination.

"Imagination is the beginning of creation" - George Bernard Shaw

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