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  1. 08:14

    Rotary PSAs

    by District 6290

    9 Videos

    Rotary-produced PSAs

  2. 01:49:39

    Club Admin and 'How To'

    by District 6290

    5 Videos

    Tutorials on Club Central and navigation of the new website

  3. 06:35:07

    Member Attraction and Engagement

    by District 6290

    24 Videos

    Rotary webinars focused on membership

  4. 03:39:02

    Marketing & Social Media

    by District 6290

    10 Videos

    Videos include brief overview of new brand voice and basic guidelines, as well as presentations on how to promote club and club projects using social media.

  5. 06:19:41

    Rotary Foundation Grants & Tools

    by District 6290

    17 Videos

    Videos that provide overview of how to find/post projects, find partnerships, and apply for District/Global grants.

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