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I am a senior at George Westinghouse that will be graduating soon. I have been in the Radio and Television Broadcast Class for three years now. I am very passionate about Broadcast and Journalism. I have great employability communication and writing skills. I edit my work on Final Cut Pro 7 and 10, SoundTrack Pro, and Adobe Photoshop CS4.

I create PSAs, News Packages, Short Films and more. I like watching PSAs that serves purpose for a very important cause or problem concerning students, teens, and the youth in general. I also like to watch documentaries concerning a person’s life, the things they went through, how they over came obstacles and where they are today.

I hope to possibly make difference in the world one day. I plan on going to college and pursuing a career in Broadcast Journalism. I dream of being a news reporter or an anchor one day because I feel it is very important to get the news out there to everyone.


  1. CPS/CTE Media Communication Arts