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Rio was born Mario Stuart Marius on September 17, 1990 in Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia and grew up in the uptown capital city of Castries. As a child growing up however, his elder sister Lisa J Weekes, the first musical phenomenon from Saint Lucia to have a music video immensely streamed on the Caribbean channel TEMPO, Rio was inspired by her accomplishments and as well, driven towards the whole music art form.

While at St. Mary’s College high school, he studied the sciences and foreign languages and then attended the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College. It was there that Rio was heavily inspired by musical artistes both on the mainstream and underground markets.

He then downloaded different music production programs at home, where he created what you can say his own home based studio, and he found interest in using his literature skills to write lyrics to different beats which he enjoyed listening to his favorite rappers on; namely, 50 Cent, Plies, Tupac, Usher, Biggie Smalls to name a few, more in the rap genre though.

Rio developed the appreciation and received numerous compliments by friends and others who had a listening ear to the music he created, and it was in 2009 he then decided to publish his music onto the world’s most social networking website, Facebook, so that all who are members can download and listen to his music anytime. It was during that period too, he joined the multi-talented S.A.M the Family musical group and opened doors of success along the way, with the highly anticipated S.A.M Mix tape Volume 1 with the rest of the group, where Rio is featured on 6 out of 18 tracks. (Much thanks to Chunky & Big-C, as well as Redz)

He continues to develop as an artiste, where he wishes to break-through onto the mainstream market as well.

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