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RITMI SOTTERRANEI is an independent crew interested in choreography and performance.
Born in 2002 thanks to an idea by Alessia Gatta, who decided to gather a group of artists with whom she tries to mould different kinds of expressive languages.
The starting point has always been thought-body-space.
THOUGHT as concept, conscience, ideas, desires. BODY as a whole of complex dynamic functions. SPACE as everything that surrounds us.

Alessia Gatta and Ritmi Sotterranei’s work owe very often part of their impressiveness to where they take place. These works, conceived as subterranean structures that strive to come out from the soil, visually represent with their fight the meeting between movement and nature. The need to sink below the level of the soil in order to soar into the sky, beyond everyday hindrances. It is not a psychological trick: it is also a way to explore the true meaning of the subjects of the exposition. The aim of digging out is not inconsistent with the solidity of the ground, symbolised by the thick walls of cement we are surrounded by. The impulse to create springs from a lower and inner condition so as to flow into the light and bloom, without ever neglecting the origins of this act.

For their projects, Alessia Gatta and Ritmi Sotterranei try to create the top of beauty grazing the subtle comparison between dance and art. Dance can be considered complete only when man experiences it. In other words, dance becomes alive only when it relates to the architectural spaces devoted to it and the human presence that perceives it; in our contemporary culture, in which we are all exposed to intense external spurs, the sheltering task of the architectural space becomes crucial. Beyond “substance”, the tenet of imagination and imagery of dance gains primary importance.
If dance doesn’t go through the threshold of the ambiguous realm of human spirit …happiness, relationships, tranquillity, tensions… it can’t fulfil its vocation for imaginary. This is the true realm of dance, a realm which keeps impossible to express. “Only after meditating upon both spheres of real and imaginary, dance exists as expression and raises itself to the status of art”.


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