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Ritz Cinema Works is a way of communication. I help you tell your story, your way. I cooperate with freelancers and talented students and together we think of creative ways to make your message clear and appealing to your audience. Less is more can be described as a motto of mine.

Where do I want to go

Best not to beat around the bush, I want to be internationally successful! But let’s stick with the Netherlands first.
I want to become successful by bringing the right people together and use my knowledge and skill to address the right target audience(s). I keep close contact with my contractors, and together we take long hard stares at my work. Combining this with trend watching and other audience research I can make my video’s top notch.

Who I am

Maurits van der Boon (1988)
Bachelor of Arts
Director, animator, story teller.
Specialized in video and animation.

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