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Toronto, Canada

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Innovation at the Speed of Thought

#TDGv Studios:
A Collaborative Digital Agency

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This is my personal brand.

“Seasoned GenX Leader Capable of Leveraging the Technically Savvy GenY Knowledge Worker”

Nice. Simple. Tweet-able. Tagged. Contextual. To the Point.

My personal brand is a clear indicator of both who I am and who I wish to mentor towards making an organizational shift leveraging the values of Enterprise 2.0, Agile Development, Transparency and Accountability, Collaboration and Engagement, and providing a cultural shift both within your organization and across your customer base.

It only cost me two years and 10,000 hours worth of effort, research, networking, and financing!

Do you have 10,000 hours to waste or money to burn?


Then leverage my findings and social network, and engage Robert Lavigne ( to assist you in formulating your Enterprise 2.0 and Social Media strategy and corporate integration.

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