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RLMDL aka Role Model is the solo electronic/pop project of artist Jordan Allen, which boasts beautifully simple, yet sonically experimental pop songs. Using samplers and an array of old drum machines, Allen began the project as an ode to his teenage days of listening to radio in hopes of finding new music: "We were one of those families that got the Internet after everyone else. I remember being up really late some nights, trying to find new music on the radio... I'd be tuning it as best I could to the stations without losing them, but it was never perfect. Often there would be these weird layers of static, or cross-chatter from other signals; sometimes I'd just mess with the tuning dial, just trying to find the weird frequencies for fun. That's kind of what inspired me for RLMDL; recreating pop songs with a sense of nostalgia and wonder, but not always clean and perfect."

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