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  1. 24:12

    Stop Motion, Walk Cycles & Other Actions

    by Robert Lyons

    43 Videos

    Examples of making stop motion animated characters (often as simply a bare armature) walk, run, and perform other common actions utilizing either a stop motion tie down system, or by supporting the…

  2. 40:05

    University Projects, Student Final Projects

    by Robert Lyons

    21 Videos

    Final projects created by students in the various classes I teach.

  3. 01:34:20

    Stop Motion, Lip Sync Animation

    by Robert Lyons

    58 Videos

    Various examples of making stop motion animated character talk, either via frame by frame re-sculpting under camera, an articulated armature that includes a positionable jaw, or through the use of…

  4. 51:47

    Technique, Light Painting

    by Robert Lyons

    22 Videos

    Animations created via time exposures painting and drawing with light

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