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  1. 06:42:38

    Alternatives in Technique

    by Robert Lyons

    108 Videos

    Experimental animation involving unusual, out of the ordinary approaches or methods of production.

  2. 05:14:10

    Alternatives in Presentation

    by Robert Lyons

    96 Videos

    Experimental animation involving alternative approaches to how the animation is seen, such as installations, interactivity, multimedia and multi-screen, or performance based animation presentation.

  3. 03:06:02

    Film, 35mm

    by Robert Lyons

    90 Videos

    Only projects that originated on 35MM film.

  4. 03:28:03

    Alternatives in Materials

    by Robert Lyons

    81 Videos

    Experimental Animation involving the manipulation of non-conventional or unusual animation materials.

  5. 05:25:43

    Alternatives in Content

    by Robert Lyons

    79 Videos

    Experimental animation whose content is driven by alternative forms of storytelling, generally non narrative in nature, rooted outside the realms of standard cinema, literature, and theater.

  6. 02:17:12

    Sculptural Zoetropes, Cyclotropes, Phonotropes, Phenakistoscopes & Praxinoscopes

    by Robert Lyons

    75 Videos

    Re-imaging Victorian kinetic and Optical pre-cinema animation devices

  7. 02:44:32

    Technique, Pixilation

    by Robert Lyons

    72 Videos

    All animated films that prominently feature the technique of pixilation.

  8. 03:23:42

    Film, 16mm

    by Robert Lyons

    71 Videos

    Nothing but videos originally shot on 16mm film.

  9. 04:36:04

    Alternatives in Structure

    by Robert Lyons

    65 Videos

    Experimental animation where the organizational principles of the motion picture time-line explore alternative approaches to composition and structure.

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