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We make films. Short ones. Sometimes a little longer. Documentaries about art and arsty documentaries. Silent movies and horror flicks. Music videos and infomercials. And sometimes we don’t even know what it is. Those are the best.

Our headquarters is in the north of Hälsingland, one of the most beautiful parts of Sweden. We find most locations for our shoots just around the corner. We also enjoy the luxury of a large studio space.


  1. Liljestrand & Snöbjörn film
  2. Depeche Mode
  3. Jennifer Kent
  4. Jeff Frost
  5. Art of the Title
  6. WÖNKY Films
  7. John Karabelas
  8. We Jun
  9. Frida Liljevall
  10. Tobias Stretch
  11. Bill Domonkos
  12. David Wilson
  13. Robyn
  14. Emil Goodman
  15. Mew Lab
  16. Mascha Halberstad
  17. Ace Norton
  18. ClaraDarko

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