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I'm a multi media artist. Written, produced, arranged and performed by Rob Allen, MUSIC.
I was born painting. I now paint everything inside and outside my head. Mixed media, sculpture. YOU NAME IT.
Writing, studying, perfecting a MEME for a new, "Peaceful/Real" social order.
I belong to, "The Amerikan School of Classical Studies at Athens, Greece. I taught all over the world. I was involved in archaeological excavations in Corinth, and in New England. I have a "working knowledge" of Greek, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese and other languages.
I play so many musical instruments....I won't even get into it. I'm toooo good to brag.
Originally trained in science, I'm trying to avoid the bullshit of an academic career.
I graduated magna cum laude and Phi Kappa from N.Y.U..
I've worked as a biochemistry lab asst. I am a member of the N.Y. Academy of Sciences, & the Amerikan Psychological Society.
I hace been cited or profiled in, "New York Mag.". the ":New York Post,"Newsday", "Rolling Stone" and too numerous other publications to mention. I've done alot of lecturing, over 200 of my writings have appeared in various publications, from "Village Voice, to "Cosmopolitan" over to "The Independent Scholar" and on to the filth rag, "Ass Attack".
But....FUK all that. Love and everything positive, roballen2

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