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Robbie Moore was born in Mission Viejo, California on October 20th 1987. He grew up in San Juan Capistrano, and visited Jordan for a number of years in the Middle East. This sensitive, deeply religious youngster was destined to become the young loving person he is now. Robbie spent his boyhood eternally on the move and by the time he was eighteen, he graduated from San Clemente High School. One day, he saw a friend of his acting on the television and wanted to become an actor. Robbie and his parents talked it over, and the next day he was searching through the yellow pages to call all of the major networks to sign a new deal. By then he realized that getting into acting wasn't going to be so easy, but no matter how many people turned their backs, he still persevered.

As Robbie was developing an interest for acting, he abandoned his plans of becoming a professional surfer, and at the age of nineteen, he headed for Los Angeles to pursue a possible acting career. Robbie thanks his mentor Jeff Celentano for making him the actor he is today. Robbie Moore started his career by doing stand-up comedy around places in his neighborhood such as coffee shops and hotel lobbies. Robbie will persevere in the entertainment industry for as long as he lives. He enjoys going to work with the intent of portraying different characters and actually becoming the different kinds of people he meets everyday. Robbie hopes to become the most well-known and respected actor one day. While acting is his number one passion, Robbie's other hobbies include surfing, traveling, hanging with good friends, and going to Disneyland (his home away from home).

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