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Video and film director, Robby Starbuck has been at the helm to direct artists as diverse as Akon, Smashing Pumpkins, Sarah Bareilles, Metric, Megadeth, Snoop Dogg, Machine Gun Kelly & Yellowcard. Artists have consistently sought Robby out for his vision and independent, artistic mentality along with his signature of making a music video into something much more cinematic. He’s an entrepreneur that constantly raises the bar on himself and the industry in which he operates.

Robby Starbuck doesn't spare you an emotional rollercoaster of thought; as each one of his videos is unreserved and untainted by the public opinion. He is the director that is extreme in all aspects; "Leaving you in a whirlwind of a slightly twisted reality, and painting an image in your head that you will remember forever. “ With hobbies ranging from astrophysics to exploring the human condition Robby believes every one of these interests shapes his work along with the experience of having 2 children. Robby’s drive goes beyond directing as he’s produced 100’s of music videos & commercials for other directors through his company RSM. He created RSM in 2007 because Robby wanted to create an environment that carried a mantra of self efficacy not only for himself but for the talented directors & team he’s curated to shape the company. RSM’s roster now boasts video of the year winners in various categories but more importantly everyone within RSM believes in hard work, team work and supporting one another.

Robby Starbuck is repped exclusively by Paradigm for Feature Films & Television and by Laure Scott for Music Video & Commercials.

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