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Preachaman Productions planning to make ground breaking Film, Music, Theatre & Poetry/Spoken Word incorporating The Art-form of Hip-Hop: Storytelling, Educating & passing on knowledge for future generations, Are goal is to make & do projects that make people think, react & question things within society. Also to promote Artists Independent and established to push boundaries and use the freedom of speech which we are all as people are allowed to articulate and empower.
Preacher Man Productions was established in 2005 as Experimental Hip-Hop Music Production Company working mainly independently with help from a few independent projects with Regenerate Trust, The Arts Council Of England & Contact Theatre, Manchester: CYAC(Contact Young Actors Company) & Breaking Cycles: Process 08.
Founder of Preacher Man Productions Robert Chowdhry-John Aka Preachaman's life and opened up so many opportunities. Now he trying to do a next chapter opportunity.

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