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  1. Oh! Sorry for the confusion.
  2. You have just solved the problem - my Channel was public. I didn't know that Channels must be private as well. Than you very much.
  3. Can you link me specifically to the Channel and video so that I can take a look? Also, please keep in mind that private videos can display publicly in public Channels. Is your Channel also private?
  4. Hi Ian, I know therefore I used IE to check instead of my default Firefox.
  5. Hi Robert, are you logged into your own account when accessing the private videos? If so, you won't be prompted for a password.
  6. Hello, I have basic account and used possibility to protect my private films by password. It works only when I use a specific link – e.g. I’m asked about pass. But anybody can use or and
  7. Robert created IBM SPSS