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As a photographer, I was always interested in the capabilities of video, but until recently the clarity of image available was out of reach of any reasonable budget (and I was too busy buying Nikon).

Now that HD is not only available but portable, I can forget the disappointments of VHS (and the backache) and go back to developing dual media installations and presentations.

I forget how short collective human memory is. When I recently opened a Nikon Professional magazine and was faced with photographs of ballet dancers using long exposures to track their movement - 'an amazing new technique' - I went into my archives an pulled a print of something similar that I did with rugby players in 1983. I thought it was interesting at the time, but it had no commercial application.

Whatever you do that you think is new, there's a good chance that it isn't entirely new, but may be a refinement on something that's been done before. Everyone is looking for the different, but as video cameras fall to $50 price levels (Toshiba Camileo, for example) and given the rise in popularity in still photography of Lomo equipment, there's going to be an overwhelming quantity of video footage hitting the internet. Fortunately, most of it will hit YouTube and not Vimeo.

Don't be disappointed when you find your original take on something has already been done. George Harrison thought his tune for 'My Sweet Lord' was original, but 'He's so Fine' from The Chiffons cost him $500,000.


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