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Robert E. Penn is a New York based writer/filmmaker who is currently editing his novel FIGURE IT OUT/GET IT TOGETHER, a 1970s romance without benefits between a woman and a man. Set in New York City, it tells a story of deep friendship based on constructive affinities, such as, love of dance and visual arts and destructive habits like overuse of alcohol, drugs and sex. A major life event pushes Liz and Rah-D to personally address the important themes of approaching thirty, race relations, aging out of the disco scene, homophobia, and intimacy when no sex is involved.

In conjunction with 3 Degrees Films (, Robert is developing his 2009 screenplay THE THREE BROTHERS into a family oriented animation series. Brothers are family, disagreeing about everything. It's the same for the Mansaray brothers who live in a remote African village. One leaves, one stays and one dreams, yet together they must form bonds stronger than blood to become men.

Robert's video design for Brian Freeman’s revival of PoMo Afro Homos “Fierce Love” (2010) and his documentary “Art from Adversity” (2011) are included in the touring exhibition ART AIDS AMERICA currently at The Bronx Museum of Art until September 25, 2016. New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) awarded Robert a 2006 Individual Artist Grant in Film and Video/New Media Technologies. His recent writings appear in the anthologies BLACK GAY GENIUS, 2014, FOR COLORED BOYS WHO'VE CONSIDERED SUICIDE WHEN THE RAINBOW IS STILL NOT ENOUGH, 2012, VOICES RISING, 2007, FREEDOM IN THIS VILLAGE, 2005 and CHILDREN OF THE DREAM, 1999. Robert is the author of THE GAY MEN'S WELLNESS GUIDE, published by Henry Holt & Company, 1998.


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