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Robert Trusko currently resides in West Chester, PA and is pursuing an undergraduate degree at West Chester University in Music Theory and Composition with aspirations to become a professional Film Composer.

Recently Robert has been using Ableton Live to compose and perform with. His most recent electroacoustic piece is titled Angela’s Heart (2011) and is scored for piano, drum set, clarinet, double bass, and Ableton Live 8.

Robert has composed several pieces for video and an ensemble including The Busy World (2009) and Our Great Grandchildren’s Return (2010). These pieces are to be performed live to a click track with the visual projecting above the ensembles.

Robert does not only compose but plays acoustic and electric bass. He has collaborated musically with artists from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia creating contemporary, classical, minimalism, jazz, hip-hop, rock, and electronic music.

Currently Robert is currently a composition student of Dr. Van Stiefel and a double bass student of Peter Paulsen. In the past Robert has also studied at Duquesne University and has been a student of Dr. Robert Maggio, Dr. Larry Nelson, Dr. David Cutler, Mika Howard, Sean Jones, Mike Tomaro, Eli Tomar, and Dr. Patrick Burke.

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