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Jonathan and R.M. Robinson, also known as The Robinson Brothers, were born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. As most up-and-coming directors, they took an interest to filming at a very young age by making live-action short films and stop-motion animation with action figures. As they became older they both started to delve more into the world of art by engaging in drawing, writing, graphic design and music composition projects. Since 2005, they have created numerous short films including, Vestige, which won the top prize at the Cinema Lounge Battle of the Films competition and Unscripted, which was featured on IFC’s Media Lab in 2007. Unscripted also received First Runner-Up in City Paper's ‘Shoot. Score. Baltimore’ short-film contest and won best short film at The Director's Chair Film Festival. In 2009, the Brothers made their first feature film entitled “China White”, which premiered at Baltimore’s art venue, The Creative Alliance and was nominated for Best Editing, Best Sound and Best Soundtrack at The Director's Chair Fest. From then on The Robinson Brothers continue to create prominent shorts, feature films, music videos, music/scores and commercials. Recently, they expanded their services to photography, crew work, and visual effects, but regardless of their art medium, they continually strive to create astonishing and visually compelling work.


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