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Taipei, Taiwan

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Hi everyone.
My name is Rob Jabbaz and im a filmmaker.
Im a 32 year-old Canadian currently living in Taipei, Taiwan.
I often work in animation because its the most feasible way for me to make my own films but i occasionally get opportunities to do live action projects...

Ive worked with Mixpak Recordings to make the 2012 video 'Transet' for Lucid.

I won the Jury Prize at the 2013 Urban Nomad Film Festival in Taipei Taiwan with my original film, Fiendish Funnies.

In early 2014 my video for 'Drugs are in Control' by Sex Cult recording artists Designer Drugs was released.

Im currently working on a 3 part mini-series called 'Great Daena'; a violent and colorful Hyborian age fantasy.

Enjoy the show


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