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NEPA Wedding Photography by Scranton Wedding Photographer, Rob Lettieri

Profound wedding moments are most deftly captured by photographers of profound skill. They have years of experience telling stories through still wedding images, cultivated by capturing indelible moments at transcendent events, revealing an innate storytelling ability. Olympic Games. World Cup Skiing. World Cycling Championships and photography in 56 countries. Over 1000 Weddings photographed! Distinguished personalities and renowned commercial clients. A litany of prestigious accolades.

Beyond all of these accomplishments and recognitions over the past 20 years, where award-winning photographer, Rob Lettieri, has truly established his reputation. Rob has been telling the stories of couples’ weddings with an eye and feel unmatched in the Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Pocono metro area. Throughout New York, New Jersey and the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania, Rob’s legacy is one of unparalleled visual excellence and everlasting wedding day moments. His skill and finesse has been sought throughout the world leading Rob to photograph weddings, mitzvahs and life events across the United States and on four continents.

As you plan and prepare the most memorable days of your life, contact Rob Lettieri Photography today and ensure the eternal moments of your wedding day are photographed by a storyteller of profound skill.

Please fill out our Contact form, or call now for your custom wedding photography pricing: 570.498.3686

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