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Born On july 19, 1979. I have been shooting and editing videos since i was sixteen. Located in Chicago. Contact me for freelance or full time work. I am able to work from my office or from your location. Looking for anything creative. I specialize in editing and shooting, but am no stranger to motion graphics, sound and music.

When I have free time I'm probably snowboarding, skateboarding, filming skateboarding, filming snowboarding, or working on music.

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robotboot has been making music electronically since early 1999. robotboot’s main peaces are: monome 256, Yamaha rm1x, Akai mpc 2000XL, Korg MS200R, Edirol PCR-50, M-AUDIO project mix I/O, and Logic Pro. robotboot’s first release was start-up_disk in 2003. robotboot’s music is inspired by video games, electronic music, metal, punk, indi and hip hop.

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