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I am a Birmingham based videographer with a range of knowledge and experience in commercial web videos right through to feature length narrative films.

When on a shoot, my video kit has been tailored to provide me with an array of creative options, which I can apply quickly and efficiently to my work. As well as my own camera kit I am trained on the most up to date video cameras on market along with a vast majority of camera techniques. These include camera rigs (dolly/tracking/jib) and location lighting (Tungsten Red Heads/Fluorescent/HMI's/LED’s).

Through industry experience, I have also developed in-depth skills in post-production (Including Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects and Photoshop) scriptwriting, marketing, distribution, film law and film business. My production skills also include on location sound recording (Marantz/Tascam audio recorders). My computer skills include an excellent working knowledge of both PC and Macintosh systems.

I am committed, flexible and always looking to find the most creative and cost effective methods of filmmaking, no matter the project. I aspire to do great things with my camera skills.

I want to create a stunning film for you. And I want you to love it. So tell me what it is you want. Don’t know what you want? That’s fine. Let’s find out together and create a truly captivating film.

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