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Rob Smyth is 27 and from Dublin, Ireland. Rob qualified as a Personal Trainer, specialising in anatomy and physiology in 2004. Though he has been in the sporting industry since he was a kid – always playing at a top level in sports, he used to play semi professional rugby – his passion is fitness, health and wellbeing.

Rob spent two and a half years travelling and working abroad in 2009-2011 on his world-fitness adventure. His travels brought him to 29 countries, where he witnessed some inspirational stories in fitness. He trained in Muay Thai Boxing in Thailand, TRX in San Francisco, Ashtanga Yoga in Indonesia, Triathlon in Australia, Boxing in Sydney and running….all around the world!!

He is aware how lucky he is to have done this and is now back home to share some of his stories and educate people in fitness and health – making you laugh at the same time!

Rob’s fitness goals are to walk to the South Pole…..he is a man who likes to live on the edge; finish an Iron Man, cycle Route 66, climb to Mount Everest Base Camp and the craziest of them all…..Row Solo around Ireland, just once!

Come and enjoy the high energy fitness sessions, where he trains one-to-one, giving you more than just an average trainer! His sessions include: goal coaching, nutritional planning, tailored fitness programs, boxing, shopping tour, health history and keeping you accountable for your goals.

Join Rob Smyth Let’s Train for his Run Club every Saturday Morning at 8:30am. Meeting at Teddy’s Ice Cream car park Dun Laoghaire. Run the Killiney Incline and back for a quick but refreshing dip in the 40foot – yes the Irish Sea! For those of you building endurance, it starts with the short 3km pier run.

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  1. Great day, nice to be involved and in the vid but it's a shame it's still listed as a 5km run when it was more like 3.7km