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Chicago Filmmaker, Animator, and Entertainer. Along with my own personal work, I have worked alongside on projects such as Channel 2020, White Cop, Celestial Bodies, Kids N Ghosts, Musenpet, and numerous others.

Exhibited Work:
2015 ACRETV Tele Novela, DVD Commercial!
2015 CimmFest 45's&45's, Chicago, IL, Scatters
2015 A. I. R. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, Thermal Aftermath
2014 Wretched Nobles, Chicago, IL, Hands of Inner / Outer Space, Goblin Slayer
2014 Comfort Station's 45s&45s, Chicago, IL, Trash Sifting
2014 Bawsy Silent Film Fest, Chicago, IL, Undiscovered Planets
2013 SAIC Time Arts Show, Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago, IL Hands of Inner / Outer Space
2013 CanTV Public Access Channel, Chicago, IL Funhouse, Land of Planets, Hands of Inner / Outer Space
2012 Club Nutz, Chicago, IL Funhouse, Gornfull, Land of Planets
2012 Downcast Eyes, MCA, Chicago, IL, various GIFs
2012 SAIC 7th Undergrad Film Festival, Columbus Drive, Chicago, IL Call of the Katydids
2011 SAIC 6th Undergrad Film Festival, Columbus Drive, Chicago, IL Funhouse
2010 Glitch Conference, Cinncinati, Ohio Glitch Paintings

Warning: All videos have been compressed. For a better quality of my work or copy of DVD feel free to contact me at


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