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  1. James K Yaw
  2. Saugus TV

    Saugus TV PRO Saugus, Massachusetts


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    Saugus TV is a public-access television station established to provide hands-on TV & video production training to the community for the purposes of providing local content to the town of Saugus, Massachusetts. "It's People TV" Saugus TV broadcasts to Saugus Comcast cable subscribers…

  3. Wilmington TV

    Wilmington TV PRO Wilmington, MA


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    Wilmington Community Television is the local cable access center for the town of Wilmington, Massachusetts. WCTV has been helping local residents keep in touch with their community since 1987.

  4. Andrea E Olivier

    Andrea E Olivier Rochester, New York


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    Single mom involved in Community Access 15, Rochester IndyMedia and RIT School of Film and Animation. Interested in dead prophets and philosophers, visual culture and media literacy, and (teaching) government, education and macroeconomics (through filmmaking).

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