Rock Creek Social Club.

Washington, DC

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What is Rock Creek Social Club?

Rock Creek Social Club is an allegiance of like-minded individuals whose aim is to unite through a diverse social milieu representative of DC's past and present. Combining the unique experiences and talents of each member, a straightforward connection is created with all those from varying walks of life wanting the Rock Creek Social Club experience. RCSC takes a limitless approach with all endeavors in order to remain relevant in the world of lifestyle events. Constantly changing yet often stagnant, we see it necessary to regularly tap the pulse of DC to stay abreast of “what the streets are talkin” to give the people what they want. The finer things in fashion, music, art, and design are of utmost importance within DC’s creative circle, while individuality leads the way. RCSC opens its doors to all, but affiliation is open only for those who live by these same principles.


  1. Kenneth Wynn
  3. No-Hypebeast
  4. JC Dot